We all want to live and work in great places

Coworking hubs are now a critical and desired element for modern living and place-making.

Coworking as a global movement has grown tremendously since the first official "coworking space" opened its doors in 2005: According to the latest global coworking survey, more than 10,000 coworking spaces will be open by the end of 2016.* However, many other businesses are using the term "coworking" to describe pared-down hot-desk facilities or commercial properties being sold on a desk-by-desk basis, but offering none of the essential benefits of high quality coworking.

It has become almost impossible for people to locate high quality coworking spaces which are built around a community ethos, and equally difficult for those quality coworking spaces to differentiate themselves.

Since opening in 2007, The Melting Pot – one of the world's first coworking spaces – has been enabling people and places to flourish, building communities and catalysing sustainable economic development.

We formed the Coworking Accelerator to enable this wonderful, important and growing sector to develop in quantity and quality, anywhere in the world by building an international network of peers enabling each other.

We Believe

  • ‘Coworking’ as a term means different things to different people, but that quality coworking is rooted in developing a community’s social and intellectual capital, (not just developing real estate to create financial capital)

  • Coworking is valuable, and becoming the new normal way to work for many no matter what size of organization or industry you work in

  • Credibility and integrity matters - The growth in places advertised as ‘coworking’ spaces means it has become almost impossible for people to find high quality coworking spaces which are built around a community ethos, and equally difficult for those genuine coworking spaces to differentiate themselves

  • Great quality coworking spaces should exist ‘everywhere’. In doing so we can enable entrepreneurship, resilience, creativity, sustainable livelihoods and make great places to live and work in

  • Size needn’t be a barrier – there are viable delivery models for all coworking spaces both large and small – with some imagination!

  • Individuality and local ownership matters – community flourishes when we are rooted in the place we serve, and fit in with the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • We all need and benefit from peers – especially space operators - when they share the same commitments and core values

  • We can accelerate growth and reduce risk, effort and cost when we harness the experience of others. Let’s not build everything from scratch and waste time and resources in doing so!

*Source: 2015/16 Global Coworking Survey.