The team behind the Coworking Accelerator Network has been involved in coworking since 2005, before you could "Google it"... We believe that great coworking spaces are built around, for, and by people and communities. We support a global network of independent spaces which share the same core values and methodologies that create great places to work, all rooted in their local community. If you have a message for the team, you can get in touch with any general enquiries here.


The Team

Claire 26Jan18 LowRes BW Circular.png


Claire is a global pioneer of coworking, having founded The Melting Pot in 2005 and opened the first coworking space in Scotland in 2007. She's an ideas and action-oriented person. Her expertise is in personal, organisational and community development. Claire works internationally, advising on quality coworking, leadership, social enterprise development, and incubating social change.

In 2016 Claire was recognised as the inaugural ‘Social Enterprise Champion’ at the Social Enterprise Scotland Awards, and in 2017 was shortlisted for the UK Social Enterprise Awards 'Women in Social Enterprise'.

Whenever there’s time off, Claire can be found "having adventures and making stuff" – on her allotment, wild camping, or touring on her motorbike.

David Stroud circ.png


David set up and ran his own coworking business in 2013 before moving to Edinburgh in 2016, joining the team at The Melting Pot and leading operations for development of the Coworking Accelerator Network. He is passionate about promoting and supporting the coworking community – and coworking leaders globally – using his skills in business development, systems, design, marketing and communications.

In his spare time, David enjoys problem-solving, reading, photography, music, and performing with various drumming groups (including Japanese Taiko).

Sam Baumber circ.png


Sam has 20 years’ experience in starting and growing social enterprises and charitable organisations. He is a co-founder of five social enterprises and enjoys using his energy to create new opportunities, experiment and turn ideas into reality. 

As a social entrepreneur, he was one of the first tutors recruited to facilitate learning programmes as part of the Social Enterprise Academy, and is currently leading the Academy’s international replication.

Jennifer Richmond circ.png


Jeni brings over 25 years' experience in administration, business systems and financial record keeping roles to the Coworking Accelerator Network. She always knows, or quickly finds, the answer for every scenario thrown her way.

When away from her faithful calculator, Jeni enjoys swimming and spending time with her family.

Samantha Hulls circ.png


Sam oversees the daily operations of The Melting Pot's coworking space, responsible for marketing, communications and social media. Sam’s skills also include events coordination, government policy and commercial law litigation.

Originally from Melbourne, Sam is an avid traveller and spends most of her free time planning her next weekend jaunt to Europe.

Roger Horam circ.png


Roger has over 25 years' experience in business development, startup, advice and support. He is also a “Dragon” without money, throwing his drive and expertise into early stage social innovation organisations to get them up and running.

Roger is hard-working and passionate, ingenious and offbeat, and always good for a surprise.

Anna Ciborowska circ.png


Anna combines her skills in community building and philosophy with her love of problem solving and appreciation of order to research, acquire and organise whatever is needed. A firm believer in the value of community, she works on the people side to support and engage our network members.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys music, philosophical discussions, and playing drums.

  • The Coworking Accelerator Network builds on global trends in the creation of diverse ‘entrepreneurial hubs’
  • Quality coworking can take place in various shared spaces including: offices, maker-spaces, artists studios, kitchens 
  • The Coworking Accelerator Network fits with EU, UK and many local governmental policy areas including community empowerment, economic strategy, sustainability, social enterprise, creativity and volunteering.