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Claire is a global pioneer in quality coworking, incubating and accelerating social innovation and place-makers in order to create resilient enterprising communities. 

Claire began work on The Melting Pot in 2005 to address issues faced by social innovators and the organisations they develop on their path to making social change. The space opened in central Edinburgh in 2007.

Today, Claire continues to lead the development of The Melting Pot – exploring routes to stimulate and support social innovation through spaces, resources and relationships. Her expertise is in personal, organisational and community development – including building a social enterprise from scratch.

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Sam has 20 years’ experience in starting and growing social enterprises and charitable organisations. He is a co-founder of five social enterprises and enjoys using his energy to create new opportunities, experiment and turn ideas into reality. As a social entrepreneur, he was one of the first tutors recruited to facilitate learning programmes as part of the Social Enterprise Academy, and is currently leading the Academy’s international replication.