8: Lessons from Scaling - With Tajinder Lachhar from Bathtub 2 Boardroom

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In this episode on the theme of scaling your coworking business, we catch Tajinder from the Lonon based charity Bathtub 2 Boardroom. She tells us about a journey which began with “falling into coworking” in 2012 and now involves running three spaces — with further expansion plans.

Give it a listen to hear about serendipity that made market research redundant, the unexpected idiosyncrasies of basing your coworking space in a college, and how to build a good reputation to help you as you grow.

We also hear about

  • the way in which scaling aids adaptability

  • the risks and negatives of scaling

  • maintaining a culture across multiple floors and spaces

  • how to manage a growing community when things go wrong

  • what to consider when looking at a new location

  • a potentially positive outcome of Brexit…

  • … and Tajinder’s top tip if you’re wanting to open another coworking space!

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