In this inspiring interview, we talk with Steve Munroe, Co-Founder of Hubud – a Quality Coworking space in Bali and one of the founding members of the Coworking Accelerator Network – about how their team (three families) engaged with their community and created their space.

Have pen and paper ready to take notes... we hope you find it as inspiring as we did!

(if you need a reminder of the password, please get in touch)

In this 20 minute video, Steve talked with us about:

  • taking practical early steps to connect with Hubud's community
  • getting people excited about the project before they opened
  • holding a series of events during their build-up to keep people informed
  • finding their first physical coworking space
  • getting a (very!) small number of key people to "buy in" and create awareness
  • how Hubud's business model has changed since they opened
  • what additional services they have provided for their members
  • ...and what a Quality Coworking community looks like at Hubud

Before you go... we'd love to get your feedback... but in the meantime, thanks for watching!

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