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Designed specifically for those at the planning and feasibility (pre-opening) stage of setting up a Quality Coworking space, EXPLORE offers practical support and inspiration through one-to-one consultancy and group learning events.

Note: If you've got a space and looking into how to get up and running fast, our ACCELERATE packages might be more suitable for you.

We offer both individuals and groups, who are looking to set up community-led coworking spaces, with:

  • business development assistance
  • expert advice and mentoring, and
  • feasibility study design

...to give your business plans a boost and help you to make them a reality.

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"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I now feel far more empowered to sell the concept."

– Bill Harvey

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The team behind the Coworking Accelerator Network has been pioneering Quality Coworking for over a decade, as well as being experienced in the incubation of others’ new business initiatives. Our experience in the coworking industry has now been distilled and harnessed for you, to help grow this sector while keeping your resulting coworking offering locally owned and grown.

We want to improve your future business from the outset: You will develop:

  • better quality services and products
  • higher customer attraction and retention rates
  • faster and more efficient business growth 

This will pay dividends: you will save time, money and hassle (not to mention the headache of learning ‘absolutely everything’ by doing from scratch) by piggybacking on a decade-plus of experience elsewhere, and dozens of years of combined experience from our team.

Quality Coworking spaces are rooted in building local, resilient, entrepreneurial communities across the world, and we’d love to help you grow one of them.


EXPLORE Your Options...


EXPLORE Quality Coworking – Learning Event

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A unique opportunity to attend a group-facilitated, energetic and inspiring workshop to learn about what it takes to grow a quality coworking space, and how you can make it happen!

Limited spaces each year, with participants from a variety of backgrounds – both private and public sector, for-profit, not-for-profit and social enterprise.

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"Invaluable ... [the Coworking Canvas] clearly enhanced our understanding and clarified what we already had in the bag, had already planned for, and what we hadn't given any or sufficient thought to."

– Crick Carleton


EXPLORE Sense Check

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You may already have plans in place, or coming together.

If speed is of the essence, our EXPLORE Sense Check service will give you a fast but thorough independent review of your plans, clear guidance on any sticky issues you’re facing, and advice on how you'll go about delivering on your plan.

EXPLORE Full Scoping

Delivered over a minimum of three one-to-one workshop sessions, EXPLORE Full Scoping will facilitate you and your team through the process of analysing and refining your plans for development.

Together, using the Business Model Canvas and our own uniquely developed methodology, the Coworking Canvas, we will unpack the information you need for a full feasibility study, so that you can produce a business plan that suits the unique needs of you and your community.

We will share with you many of the critical factors which we have learnt make up a successful Quality Coworking space. We will also provide a number of detailed templates for space and capacity analysis, planning and budgeting.

Optionally, we can also help you with bespoke capacity building support and strategic ecosystem influence. Contact us for more information.

Significantly reduce your business risks and learn from our team’s specialist 10+ years’ experience building a sustainable Quality Coworking business and growing an impactful entrepreneurial community.

Options available to suit you:

  • Remote: Skype / Screen-sharing / Phone 
  • On-site: Facilitated team sessions / 1:1 advice and mentoring

The Coworking Accelerator Network:

  • Builds on global trends in the creation of diverse ‘entreprenurial hubs’ – we support a network of independent spaces rooted in local communities
  • Fits with EU, UK and many local governmental policy areas including community empowerment, economic strategy, sustainability, social enterprise, creativity and volunteering... amongst others