Build your capacity, not just your business plan

Not sure where to start? Begin with a free, personal 20-minute Coworking Consultation...

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Designed for operators at the business planning and feasibility stage of opening a coworking business.

Our EXPLORE services offer practical support for new and emerging coworking practitioners:

  • one-to-one expert advice and mentoring

  • feasibility study, market research, business planning templates and capacity building

  • energetic group learning and inspirational peer support

Through EXPLORE, we will develop your capacity and capability to efficiently research and plan for your new coworking business.


Already have plans in place? Our ACCELERATE packages can help you launch and run your space and build your coworking community with less time, hassle, risk and cost.

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"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I now feel far more empowered to sell the concept."

– Bill Harvey



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The team behind the Coworking Accelerator has been pioneering collaborative, people-centred coworking for over a decade, and are experienced in incubating new businesses.

We have distilled our experience to help grow the leaders of the coworking movement so that together we can build resilient enterprising communities around the world.

We want to improve your future business from the outset. 

With EXPLORE, you will develop:

  • increased understanding of the business you're entering

  • better quality service delivery

  • higher customer attraction and retention rates

  • faster and more efficient business growth

Investing in your capacity building now will pay dividends. You will save time, money and hassle (not to mention the headache of learning ‘absolutely everything’ from scratch) by capitalising on dozens of years of combined coworking leadership and delivery experience from our team.


EXPLORE Services

Not sure where to start? Begin with a free, personal 20-minute Coworking Consultation...

EXPLORE Coworking Consultations

FREE One-to-One Advice

  • Expert knowledge, advice and guidance – from Claire Carpenter, global coworking pioneer and Founder of The Melting Pot (opened in 2007).

  • EXPLORE the benefits of setting up a coworking business – for you, your organisation, locality, and your regional/national economy.

  • Strictly limited spaces each month – EXPLORE Coworking Consultations are FREE, personal, one-off, non-repeatable sessions. Repeat or regular support is provided through other EXPLORE and ACCELERATE services.


"You spent a considerable amount of time with us on Tuesday. Thank you.
Our conversation opened doors and pushed the boundaries of my thinking. I was in need of it! [...] It's great to know that we are part of a much larger, innovative and creative movement."

– Marietta Diciacca, Cockenzie House

EXPLORE Learning Workshops

Growing, or about to launch a coworking space? Want to know how to make your coworking business a success and positively impact your community?

Join other leaders creating their coworking businesses for this hands-on workshop. Learn alongside peers from experienced, successful coworking space operators and gain key insights to help shape your business model.

“The difference between just hot-desking and creating a coworking culture – I understood it, but have now seen it in practice. Very inspiring.”

– Debbie Heron,
EXPLORE Coworking Workshop participant 2017

“A very skilled and enjoyable workshop style. I feel empowered and energised. Thank you for your great work."

– Denis Ginnivan,
EXPLORE Coworking Workshop participant 2018


EXPLORE Sense Check

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You may already have plans in place, or coming together.

If speed is of the essence, our EXPLORE Sense Check is a bespoke one-to-one consultancy service which can give you:

  • an independent review of your plans

  • guidance on any sticky issues you’re facing

  • advice on how you'll go about delivering on your vision

  • capacity building of your delivery team

  • stakeholder engagement

  • space design for maximising yield


"Great day yesterday – feeling absolutely energised and some really great ideas shared around the team"

– The Old Beechworth Gaol, Australia


EXPLORE Scoping Support

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Over a 6– to 18–month period, we will personally facilitate you and your team through the process of analysing and refining your vision, understanding your market, developing concrete plans and building your capacity to deliver.

We will share with you many of the critical factors which make up a successful coworking business with collaboration and people at its core. We will also provide a number of detailed templates for space and capacity analysis, business planning and budgeting.

Learn from experts, efficiently and effectively turn your vision into reality, and significantly reduce business risks and costs.

EXPLORE Scoping Support is delivered on–site and/or remotely.

"Looking forward to putting all my energy into Space2b!! You have been great!! Can't thank you enough!! I'm so excited for 2018!!"

– Karen Bain

“The Coworking Accelerator has been invaluable to the ongoing development of our project. Their specialist knowledge and real expertise has enabled us to progress faster and with significantly greater confidence than if we had been working alone.”

- Crick Carleton, Peebles Community Trust