Coworking Solutions

For a faster and safer route to coworking success

ACCELERATE towards the next step of your coworking business with GUIDES, TEMPLATES and EXAMPLES

EXPLORE the fundamentals of opening or running your coworking business with a COMPREHENSIVE BOOK

EXPLORE coworking business development with your team through WORKSHOP ACTIVITIES

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“The support from the Coworking Accelerator has given us tremendous clarity about what we need to focus on, and why, at each stage of our journey. Without this clarity we would likely be wasting time and resources on areas of work that are not essential to moving the project forward.”

- Osbert Lancaster, Sustaining Dunbar

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Tap into the world wide, collaborative coworking movement through CONNECT

CONNECT Receive the world's best coworking news, stories and resources from across the globe - FREE

CONNECT+ Gain access to additional, exclusive monthly guides and live webinars - COMING SOON


Build your community and capacity, not just your business plan with EXPLORE

Coworking Consultations Receive guidance during a 20 min individual session with global coworking pioneer Claire Carpenter - FREE

Coworking Workshops Deep dive into how to make your collaborative coworking business successful and impactful at our immersive workshops

Coworking Fundamentals Give yourself a head start at opening or running your community centred coworking business with this comprehensive compendium


Coworking Canvas Work&Playbook Discover a new way to approach your coworking business development using focused, themed activities


Sense Check Proof your coworking business plans through our bespoke consultancy service building on over 10 years of experience


Scoping Support Turn your collaborative coworking vision into reality effectively and efficiently with 6-18 months of expert support and guidance


Run your business with less hassle, risk and cost through ACCELERATE

Coworking in a Box Give yourself the gift of over a decade of coworking experience boxed up into a resource full to the brim with guides, examples and templates


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“I found it comforting to know that I was speaking to someone with a lot more experience in this space and I felt that I understood the subject - pitfalls and all.”

- Anonymous

“The Coworking Accelerator has painted a very realistic picture of the journey ahead and provided quality info on a variety of areas a potential coworking space provider needs to think about.”

- Nicola Lamberton, Duncan Place

“The Coworking Canvas has provided a great framework around which to "throw" everything I have in my head onto paper!”

- Mark van Keulen, Basecamp


Coworking Solutions

For a faster and safer route to coworking success


FREE / £4 per month (ex VAT)

CONNECT is our world wide network of coworking leaders and practitioners who put collaboration and community at the centre.

Join the network for FREE to:

  • Be part of an international community

  • Receive regular emails packed with stories, resources and news from the coworking industry

  • Learn from leading coworking experts from around the world

  • Showcase your experience and promote your business

  • Add to your recognition and credibility

  • Put your pin on The Map of Collaborative Coworking

  • Receive discounted tickets to selected events

With CONNECT+ you will in addition receive exclusive monthly guides and live webinars - COMING SOON


“It can be a lonely place trying to start-up something new and hard to know which way to turn or who to ask. The [Coworking Accelerator] team have managed to take some of the fear away, and set us on the right track making the experience an exciting one again.”

– Karen Bain, [email protected]


EXPLORE Coworking Consultations


Expert knowledge, advice and guidance from Claire Carpenter, global coworking pioneer and Founder of The Melting Pot (opened in 2007). Develop plans for your new coworking business with confidence. EXPLORE the benefits of setting up a coworking business – for you, your organisation, locality, and your regional/national economy.

Strictly limited spaces each month – EXPLORE Coworking Consultations are FREE, personal, one-off, non-repeatable sessions

“Our conversation opened doors and pushed the boundaries of my thinking. I was in need of it! [...] It's great to know that we are part of a much larger, innovative and creative movement.”

– Marietta Diciacca, Cockenzie House


EXPLORE Coworking Workshops

Growing, or about to launch a coworking space? Want to know how to make your coworking business a success and positively impact your community?

Join other leaders creating their coworking businesses for this hands-on, two-day workshop. Learn alongside peers from experienced, successful coworking space operators and gain key insights to help shape your business model. You will develop:

  • An increased understanding of the business you're entering

  • A honed focus and direction for your coworking project

  • A grasp on the process of building a coworking community

  • Skills and knowledge for faster and more efficient business growth

  • Better quality service delivery

  • Higher customer attraction and retention rates

  • A network of like-minded peers

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“The difference between just hot-desking and creating a coworking culture – I understood it, but have now seen it in practice. Very inspiring.”

– Debbie Heron, Forres Area Community Trust
EXPLORE Coworking Workshop participant 2017


EXPLORE Coworking Fundamentals

£75 (ex VAT)


Give yourself a head start at opening or running your community centred coworking business with this comprehensive compendium. EXPLORE the fundamental considerations to be made when opening or running a coworking business, including:

  • Business plans

  • Understanding your customers

  • Project management

  • … and more!

Learn all within the specific context of the coworking industry. A must read for entrepreneurs considering opening a coworking business and coworking practitioners who want to grasp the full scope of coworking business development!

"We very much appreciate being able to ‘hit the ground running’ leveraging the years of experience of the Coworking Accelerator team”

– Anonymous


EXPLORE Coworking Canvas Work&Playbook

£75 (ex VAT)


The Coworking Canvas is a business development tool for coworking businesses. The Work&Playbook activities are a concrete, inspirational way for you and your team to EXPLORE your business model, products and services so you can make decisions on how to reach your next stage.

AnnMarie Lucy and Peter working on canvas

“Invaluable ... [the Coworking Canvas] clearly enhanced our understanding and clarified what we already had in the bag, had already planned for, and what we hadn't given any or sufficient thought to.”

- Crick Carleton, Peebles Community Trust


EXPLORE Sense Check

£375 (ex VAT)


EXPLORE Sense Check is a bespoke one-to-one consultancy service which will help develop your capacity and capability to efficiently research and plan for your new coworking business. In particular, it can give you:

  • an independent review of your plans

  • guidance on any sticky issues you’re facing

  • advice on how you'll go about delivering on your vision

  • capacity building of your delivery team

  • stakeholder engagement

  • space design for maximising yield

"Great day yesterday – feeling absolutely energised and some really great ideas shared around the team"

– Clayton Neil, Old Beechworth Gaol

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EXPLORE Scoping Support

£4999 (ex VAT)

Over a 6– to 18–month period, we will personally facilitate you and your team through the process of analysing and refining your vision, understanding your market, developing concrete plans and building your capacity to deliver.

We will share with you many of the critical factors which make up a successful coworking business with collaboration and people at its core. We will also provide a number of detailed templates for space and capacity analysis, business planning and budgeting.

Learn from experts, efficiently and effectively turn your vision into reality, and significantly reduce business risks and costs.

EXPLORE Scoping Support is delivered on–site and/or remotely.

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“The Coworking Accelerator has been invaluable to the ongoing development of our project. Their specialist knowledge and real expertise has enabled us to progress faster and with significantly greater confidence than if we had been working alone.”

– Crick Carleton, Peebles Community Trust


ACCELERATE Coworking in a Box

£1999 (ex VAT)


ACCELERATE boxes up over a decade of learning from coworking practitioners around the world ready for you to use. Our GUIDES explain the theory and how you go about implementing this methodology in your own coworking business. EXAMPLES show you what they look like in practice and TEMPLATES are there ready for you to pick up and use.

You may, or may not, have opened and/or started building your community already – don't worry, ACCELERATE will help you grow your coworking business with less time, hassle, risk and cost!

“Coworking in a Box has been instrumental in helping us build our policies and foundation [...] It provides great comfort knowing we are not going at it alone and can learn from years of experience instead of blindly guessing what we should and shouldn't do.”

– Emily Miller, The Good Hub

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