CONNECT is our peer network, offering knowledge sharing and promotional opportunities for both established spaces and those in development.

  • Learn from other space operators around the world, on everything from community building to space design, hosting to business development
  • Promote your space on the global Quality Coworking Map and with your own hand-crafted profile page in our Members' section.
  • Stand out to existing and potential members, customers and stakeholders with the 'Quality Coworking' network member badge in your funding applications, reports, and on your website.

Globally, the number of coworking spaces has grown enormously since the first "coworking space" opened its doors in 2005. But today, the term "coworking" is being adopted by a multitude of companies, including real-estate organisations who are seeing it as an opportunity to sell desk space and little else. We believe that real, Quality Coworking can – and should – be about more than "simply" selling desk space.

We believe that Quality Coworking spaces are built around, for, and by people and communities. Do you?


What does "Quality Coworking" look like? What does it mean to be community-driven? Our members believe in the same Quality Coworking Commitments underpinned by three Core Values:

  1. Co-location of multiple businesses – sparking cross-pollination and new opportunities
  2. Multi-functional space – servicing practical, inspiring facilities which enable businesses and people to grow
  3. Personalised hosting – actively facilitating the community and creating social capital
  4. Expanded network – broadening coworkers' experiences, connections, and profile
  5. Peer support – deepening a constructive and collaborative culture 
  6. Learning experiences – building intellectual capital through professional and personal development


People unleash their potential and become resilient when they develop a true sense of belonging.


People and businesses grow and endure when talent, relationships and opportunities are nurtured.


Communities thrive when people, spaces and places create a joined-up ecosystem.

A Little Bit About Us

Since 2007, the team behind the Coworking Accelerator Network have been running a pioneering coworking space – The Melting Pot – in Edinburgh, Scotland. We know a lot about what works (and more importantly, a lot more about what doesn't) when trying to build a community from scratch. Joining together means we can have a greater positive impact. So, if you're passionate about building empowered communities – not just selling desks – we want to hear from you.