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“It can be a lonely place trying to start-up something new and hard to know which way to turn or who to ask. The [Coworking Accelerator] team have managed to take some of the fear away, and set us on the right track making the experience an exciting one again.”

- Karen Bain, [email protected]

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CONNECT is our peer network, offering knowledge sharing and promotional opportunities for both established spaces and those in development.

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  • Be part of an international community of coworking leaders and practitioners who put collaboration and community at the centre

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What does "Quality Coworking" look like? What does it mean to be community-driven? Our members believe in the same Collaborative Coworking Commitments underpinned by three Core Values:

  1. Co-location of multiple businesses – sparking cross-pollination and new opportunities

  2. Multi-functional space – servicing practical, inspiring facilities which enable businesses and people to grow

  3. Personalised hosting – actively facilitating the community and creating social capital

  4. Expanded network – broadening coworkers' experiences, connections, and profile

  5. Peer support – deepening a constructive and collaborative culture

  6. Learning experiences – building intellectual capital through professional and personal development



People unleash their potential and become resilient when they develop a true sense of belonging.



People and businesses grow and endure when talent, relationships and opportunities are nurtured.



Communities thrive when people, spaces and places create a joined-up ecosystem.