EXPLORE Quality Coworking Reunion

Today we hosted a reunion for participants of our 2017 EXPLORE Quality Coworking workshop.

We welcomed back 8 leaders of new and emerging quality coworking spaces to hear about their progress, check back in on deliverables they'd set themselves and give them the opportunity to reconnect with their peers and friends.

We're looking forward to this year’s EXPLORE Quality Coworking learning event in May 2018. Anyone looking to start or grow a coworking space in their community can find out more about the two-day workshop here.

EXPLORE 2017 cohort reunion 180117.jpg


Here at the Coworking Accelerator Network, we're all about providing practical and inspiring resources for leaders of Quality Coworking spaces.

So, for our first video interview, we talked with Steve Munroe, Co-founder of Hubud – a Quality Coworking space in Bali and one of the founding members of the Coworking Accelerator Network – about how they engaged with their community and created their space.

Here's a taster, with a link to the full video for members below:

In the full interview, available exclusively to our members, Steve talks about:

  • taking practical early steps to connect with Hubud's community
  • getting people excited about the project before they opened
  • holding a series of events during their build-up to keep people informed
  • finding their first physical coworking space
  • getting a (very!) small number of key people to "buy in" and create awareness
  • how Hubud's business model has changed since they opened
  • what additional services they have provided for their members
  • ...and what a Quality Coworking community looks like at Hubud

Coworking Accelerator Network Members can watch the full 20-minute long interview here.

If you're running a coworking space with community at its heart, we'd love for you to join us so we can share more inspirational tips and practical advice with you, and help to promote your business.