Upcoming Webinar - EXPLORE Coworking Business Development with your Team


In this blog, Cleo let’s you know what to expect from our first CONNECT+ webinar with Sam Baumber.

by Cleo Goodman, Communications and Social Impact Manager at our mother organisation The Melting Pot

The success of a coworking business is down to the team running it. Our first CONNECT+ webinar is about turning your team's knowledge and insight into business development tweaks that will help your business thrive. And if your coworking business thrives so will your community.

I’ll be joined by Sam Baumber who works across the globe to strengthen the impact economy. He’s an entrepreneur, so he knows the unique challenges coworking business leaders face, and has led the internationalisation of the Social Enterprise Academy. Sam has worked with us here at the Coworking Accelerator since the start, helping us create the tools coworking practitioners need to deliver their vision. He's designed and run all of our EXPLORE workshops to date, these workshops have helped dozens of pre-start coworking business leaders clarify their vision and business model.

Follow the big red arrow and you'll find Sam’s smiling face at the end of it!

Follow the big red arrow and you'll find Sam’s smiling face at the end of it!


After developing the exercises we realised that they could be useful outwith our EXPLORE workshops. We created the Coworking Canvas Work&Playbook so you can run your own sessions with your own team to EXPLORE your coworking business and its development. Six exercises help you dig into everything from the needs of your members to KPIs for your business. They are:

  • Six Elements: Sense Check

  • Hierarchy of Needs

  • Core Values Vortex

  • Impact Map

  • KPI Radar

  • Making - and Breaking - Your Space

The book includes printable worksheets and all the tips and tricks you need to facilitate your own workshops. The best part is you get to do it in your own time with your own team. You’re the experts on your space and your community, the Coworking Canvas Work&Playbook provides you with the structure that will help you apply this expertise most effectively.

Coworking Canvas Work Play book product page.png

In Monday’s CONNECT+ webinar I will chat to Sam about the Coworking Canvas Work&Playbook and why it’s important to create these spaces for your team to get creative. He’ll give you ideas that you can take away and use with your team right away. Sam’s also an experienced facilitator so I’ll make sure that he shares his tips for holding the space during a facilitated session!

We want to ensure these webinars are as useful as possible, so if you have a question for Sam let me know and I will put it to him. Just drop me an email on [email protected]. To get access to the webinar all you need to do is sign up for CONNECT now and you’ll receive CONNECT+ for free until the end of the year.

The Coworking Canvas Work&Playbook is coming soon – if you want to be the first to know when it’s published sign up to our Coworking Insights mailing list.


Cleo Goodman is Communications and Social Impact Manager at our mother organisation The Melting Pot.

Cleo started off at TMP as a host, community building, managing the events venues and running the learning events programme. Now, she manages our communications and measures the social impact of coworking at TMP and our incubation programme for social entrepreneurs Good Ideas.