EXPLORE Quality Coworking Reunion

Today we hosted a reunion for participants of our 2017 EXPLORE Quality Coworking workshop.

We welcomed back 8 leaders of new and emerging quality coworking spaces to hear about their progress, check back in on deliverables they'd set themselves and give them the opportunity to reconnect with their peers and friends.

We're looking forward to this year’s EXPLORE Quality Coworking learning event in May 2018. Anyone looking to start or grow a coworking space in their community can find out more about the two-day workshop here.

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5 October 2017: The Coworking Accelerator Network is giving a workshop at the inaugural international summit of the Districts of Creativity Network, taking place in the city of Eindhoven across today and tomorrow.

Over the past 10 years, Eindhoven's re-purposed industrial zone has been converted into an amazing hub of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

The inaugural Districts of Creativity summit, Places of Potential, will explore the power of place-making.

As part of the two day event, Claire is leading a workshop to discuss how Quality Coworking can help create resilient enterprising communities with various practitioners from across Europe.



Setting up and growing a community-focused coworking business takes a lot of hard work... which is why we are delighted to announce our bespoke two-day learning event for new coworking space owners/operators – to minimise your risks and resources needed, maximise your success and accelerate your start-up process...

We have designed this unique two-day workshop so you can learn from highly experienced coworking space founders, explore the essentials of delivering quality coworking and develop strategies for your business success alongside other new space owners/developers. Topics such as:

  • Identifying and minimising potential risks at the startup stage
  • Informing the design of your physical space and services for maximum revenue and optimal utilisation
  • Securing investment
  • Attracting and retaining members and growing your community
  • Putting on impactful community building events
  • Building the best and most appropriate delivery team

EXPLORE Quality Coworking

JUNE 22—23, 2017


During the European Coworking Conference in November 2016, Claire Carpenter (Coworking Accelerator Network / The Melting Pot) and Ronald van de Hoff (Seats2Meet) ran a Masterclass for 50 experienced coworking space operators focused on best practices, team delegation and challenges for opening a coworking space.

CAN Launch Workshop

The lively session used the Coworking Canvas to explore the benefits and potential obstacles "to make or break your next coworking space" with attendees sharing their experience in running coworking studios (the participants had combined coworking space management experience of 201 years!)

We've collated the output from the session onto the Coworking Canvas and have now made it available to download as a PDF.

It's easy to miss what's obvious when it's hidden in plain sight. Hindsight is a great teacher, so it's great to be able to reflect, capture and share these critical actions – all gathered from practitioners who've successfully made a coworking space open, and are ready for their next challenge.  

So whether you're on your first or 4th new space - don't forget these actions which will make or break your new venture.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these key actions were considered during the session as overall most important to do / not do when opening a space. The full list is of course much more extensive!

About the Coworking Canvas

The Coworking Canvas helps existing and developing coworking studio operators to test their ideas across key areas including co-location, network, peer support, learning, hosting and space. It forms a central part of the Coworking Accelerator Network's EXPLORE methodology. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.