"Welcome” to our newest CONNECT members! June 2019

Summer is in full swing here in Edinburgh, but with the frequent rain we look to the global CONNECT network and other weathers. Currently at 148 members, the network currently consists of coworking spaces from over 70 countries. Many members are represented on the splendid Map of Collaborative Coworking - and if you are a member but your space is missing on the Map, add it here.

Since the last New Members blog, we have had no fewer than eight fantastic spaces join our network and community. Who are these shining new members, you ask?

Our newest members are:

  • Escola de Investidores in Manaus, Brazil

  • Code Hub Mostar in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • CambridgeSpace in Cambridge, United Kingdom

  • Bold & Savvy Workspace in London, United Kingdom

  • Access Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, United States

  • Brittany’s space [name TBC] in Philadelphia, United States

  • Social Bite in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • and SiGNAL Bordon in Bordon, United Kingdom

This is a great mix of coworking projects at all point of development — from very early stages to full blown, established coworking spaces — and we’ve written a wee summary about a few below. Read on to find out more!

Code Hub Mostar

Images from Instagram

Images from Instagram

Code Hub Mostar is just over a year old and one of a group of 4 sister spaces across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro. Part of a cross-border cooperation program, the Hubs are intended to aid the entrepreneurial environment in the areas. Located at the centre of Mostar which in turn is the cultural and economic capital of the Herzegovina region, Code Hub Mostar offers an exciting events programme and mentoring, and of course unsurprisingly talks about its coworking community. Find out more and connect with them via facebook and instagram!



Images from Instagram

Images from Instagram

With an explicitly stated focus on community and a team of volunteers (Wizards) making it “easy for members to create, connect and collaborate”, CambridgeSpace are another excellent addition to our CONNECT network. Founded in 2016 in Cambridge by a group of local creative and social entrepreneurs, the space is now around 50 members strong. Being a part of the community comes with access to a variety of workshops including yoga, and an excellent excuse to pause your work and fill up on delicious energy as part of ‘cake o’clock’. Start a conversation with CambridgeSpace Wizards via twitter, linkedin or instagram.


Bold & Savvy

Images from Instagram

Images from Instagram

Based in London, Bold and Savvy are a community of female entrepreneurs and women in business. As such it is one of the beautiful fledglings of the CONNECT network, with a coworking space currently somewhere in the creation stages as part of the wider project. Bold and Savvy are there to offer opportunities to network, inspire, empower and spark collaborations through social and networking events, as well as learning opportunities. They currently organise Female Entrepreneur Coworking Days across the city. Keep an eye on their progress and chat to them about what they do via twitter, instagram, and find the next female Coworking Day here!


Access Salt Lake

Images from Twitter

Images from Twitter

Across the pond (from us here at Coworking Accelerator HQ, at least!) we have an established coworking space in Salt Lake City, US. Access Salt Lake is a meeting point for a business ecosystem, aimed at nurturing growing organisations and businesses. They pride themselves on building a collaborative community where people feel a sense of ownership in a positive and supportive atmosphere, and which increases the chance of serendipity. Access Salt Lake have a strong focus on business development and provide free business consultations as well as access to learning events. Find them online and ask them questions via twitter.


SiGNAL Bordon

Images from Twitter and SiGNAL Bordon website

Images from Twitter and SiGNAL Bordon website

Our final new CONNECT member update is about SiGNAL Bordon in the South East of England. Along with various options of desk, meeting room, therapy room and work bench hire (exciting!) they offer free coworking with a warm, quirky vibe promoting creativity, productivity and companionship. They are rural, and operate alongside a large scale town centre regeneration project to develop and nurture the local business community. Business owners and individual entrepreneurs can come to SiGNAL to access training and advice, as well as be the small but vital part of building a supportive, collaborative and inspiring environment. Chat to them via twitter or facebook, and check out their website!


If you have joined CONNECT in the past and would like to be introduced to other members retrospectively; if you have something that others would benefit from knowing; or would like to ask a burning question: contact us and we will post about it on our social media!