"Welcome” to our newest CONNECT members! August 2019

We are nearing autumn and with it, the busy times of conferences and events, which usually brings us plenty of new CONNECT members! The network is currently 153 members strong and located across the world, with many spaces represented on the splendid Map of Collaborative Coworking.

And although summers are always ever so slightly less busy than the second half of the year, we have had four fantastic spaces join our network and community since the last New Members blog. Who are these beautiful new members, you ask?

Our newest members are:

  • KinCo-Working in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • 67/22 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • ArnhemLift in Oosterbeek, Netherlands

  • and Rayaworx on Mallorca, Spain

Two of these — KinCo-Working and ArnhemLift — are coworking dreams that have been gestating for some time, and are in the early stages of materialising. We’re excited to witness their progress! In the meantime, read a bit about 67/22 and Rayaworx below.


6722 logo.PNG
Images from 67/22’s website

Images from 67/22’s website

Located in the Riyadh district of Saudi Arabia’s capital city, 67/22 can proudly claim to be the first licensed coworking space in the country, which we think you’d agree is no mean feat.

Although it is freshly opened, from what we hear it is already becoming an inspirational place for people to meet and for startups to grow. The space looks beautiful and offers a variety of rooms and ways to work (we particularly appreciate the plants)!

If you would like to start a conversation with 67/22 about what they do and what their future holds, you can find their contact details on their website.



rayaworx logo.PNG
Images from Rayaworx’ website

Images from Rayaworx’ website

Rayaworx tempts freelancers, solopreneurs and remote workers with a mix of coworking and holiday-making on the sunny beaches of Santanyí, Mallorca.

With its mix of coworking, coliving and coworkation, Rayaworx combines work and play. A visit offers a great opportunity to meet new people and be part of a vibrant community of driven individuals. We can definitely see the benefits of getting to know people outside of must-get-things-done mode and the confines of the coffee breaks!

If you’d like to ask Rayaworx about how they combine business and pleasure, make sure to check out their website or one of their plentiful social media pages (we especially enjoy the visuals of instagram).


If you have joined CONNECT in the past and would like to be introduced to other members retrospectively; if you have something that others would benefit from knowing; or would like to ask a burning question: contact us and we will post about it on our social media!