The Coworking Accelerator heads to London!

That’s right people, we’re shipping down South this Summer to put on a very special edition of our learning event 2-day coworking Workshop.

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Key details

When: 18-19 June 2019

Where: Mainyard Studios, 90-94 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LN

What: EXPLORE Learning Workshop (2 days)

Who: The Coworking Accelerator, The Melting Pot … and you?

How: Buy tickets here!

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What is it?

Are you planning to, or have you recently launched a coworking space? This is for you! Over two days, EXPLORE the key elements to make your coworking business a success and to impact your community positively and sustainably.

  • Small group, energetic and inspiring workshops

  • Strictly limited spaces, with participants (emerging leaders) from all over the world and from a variety of backgrounds including for-profit and not-for-profit organisations

  • Join other leaders who are creating coworking businesses on our participative, energising training experience

  • Learn what it takes to grow a coworking business, and how you can make it happen!

What will participants get out of it?

You will learn from experienced, successful coworking space operators and receive key insights to help shape your coworking business model using the Coworking Canvas. Through focused inputs and in-depth discussions, energetic group learning and inspirational peer support, you will create a workable plan to develop your space and figure out what will make it great, or even greater!

You will develop:

  • Increased understanding of the business you're entering

  • Better quality service delivery

  • Higher customer attraction and retention rates

  • Faster and more efficient business growth

Investing in your capacity building now will pay dividends. You will save time, money and hassle (not to mention the headache of learning ‘absolutely everything’ from scratch) by capitalising on dozens of years of combined coworking leadership and delivery experience from our team.

The team behind the Coworking Accelerator has been pioneering collaborative, people-centred coworking for nearly 15 years, and are experienced in incubating new businesses. We have distilled our experience to help grow the leaders of the coworking movement so that together we can build resilient enterprising communities around the world. We want to improve your future business from the outset.

Our previous participants said:

  • "Packed full of useful information. Worth every penny!" - Karen Bain

  • "If you are thinking about creating a 'true' coworking environment, go on this course” - Ann-Marie Treacy

  • "Invaluable ... [the Coworking Canvas] clearly enhanced our understanding and clarified what we already had in the bag, had already planned for, and what we hadn't given any or sufficient thought to" - Crick Carleton

Designed for leaders, by leaders


Claire Carpenter,

Founder and CEO,

The Melting Pot

Claire started actively developing her ideas for The Melting Pot in 2005. Her aim was to practically address issues faced by social innovators and the organisations they develop en route to making social change. The coworking space opened in 2007. Claire continues to lead the charity - and explores routes to stimulate and support social innovation through spaces, practical resources and relationships.


Samantha Hulls,

Head of Collaboration,


e Melting Pot

Sam oversees all the daily operations of The Melting Pot's coworking business division. She is responsible for managing the Hosting team, who cover all service delivery, sales, marketing and communications. Together they strive to make The Melting Pot ‘the best coworking hub in Scotland’. Sam’s background includes event coordination, government policy, and commercial law litigation.


Naomi Lillie,

Head of Accelerate,

The Melting Pot

Naomi heads up the Coworking Accelerator, providing services devoted to helping emerging and established coworking businesses take a faster and safer route to success: delivering practical resources and expertise to coworking leaders globally, to help them build resilient and enterprising communities locally. Naomi has 20+ years’ experience across the 3 UK sectors and internationally, most recently working remotely for 7 years in ‘tech for good’.


And if you can’t make it?

Finally, we know not everyone can make their way to London for a couple of days (and that, for half the world, it isn’t actually Summer at that time of year...), so if you would be interested in an event like this closer to your own home, please get in touch and get our creative juices going. We would love to consider places beyond the UK where we could help facilitate the journey of others to run your collaborative coworking business with less hassle, risk and cost.

The  Map of Collaborative Coworking  - our CONNECT network around the world

The Map of Collaborative Coworking - our CONNECT network around the world