“Welcome” to our newest CONNECT members! March 2019

A year and a half since launching as part of the Coworking Accelerator, the CONNECT network is 133 members strong, with coworking spaces from over 70 countries. Many members are represented on the splendid Map of Collaborative Coworking - and if you are a member but your space is missing on the Map, add it here.

Seeing that our CONNECT network is constantly growing, it seems appropriate to introduce new members to the community. And so, we present to you the new members blog post. (Ta-da!)

These past two months we’ve had six new spaces join us:

  • LABCoworking in Montreal, Canada

  • The Place / VIBES in Progress in Chamant, France

  • WHALE Arts Coworking in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • POMAK in Zajecar, Serbia

  • Le Spot in Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe

  • and Inspire9 in Richmond, Australia

Some of these are established spaces, while others are an idea gestating in someone’s head. Some are dedicated coworking spaces, while others incorporate coworking as part of a wider community project. The breadth and depth of community-focused coworking is truly amazing, and we are excited to find out more every time a new application comes through. If you are too, read on about some of the new spaces below!


WHALE Arts Coworking


WHALE Arts is a social enterprise and a community-led arts charity. Established in 1992 they are based in the south-west part of Edinburgh, Wester Hailes. As a cultural organisation with the aim to bring community together, it is no surprise that they offer coworking — or that it is centred around people.

We are looking forward to hearing more from them about what can happen at the intersection of art and coworking. If your space connects these two realms too, why not start a conversation with them and tell us what you’ve learned?




POMAK in Zajecar, Serbia is run by the Timok Youth Center (TOC) who are a civil society organisation focusing on young people. POMAK is a project and a space which aims to support local economic growth through activism, youth policies and perspectives and creative entrepreneurship. The name in English means “to move”, and the physical space itself contains a coworking hub and enables the co-location of people from creatives to freelancers — again, focusing on community and the young.

With such an inspiring combination of concepts and a focus on youth, POMAK must surely bring together the most interesting people in their space. We look forward to hearing some of their stories, and if you like, you can ask them about their space and project yourself.




Inspire9 is a space dedicated to coworking, with a community of early stage startups, freelancers across technology/business services, social impact and creative entrepreneurs at its core. With a focus on personal growth and connections between their coworkers, they value “community, integrity, growth, creating connections and accountability; all wrapped up in loads of passion.”

Having been around for a while they know how to create a human-focused coworking business with a strong community, and you should ask them about it! We did, and this is what Ren from their team told us:

  • “Diversity in a collaborative community is hard. Never underestimate that. But it's worth it. Take all the time and effort required to understand all perspectives and come to a mutually beneficial outcome. 

  • The kitchen is heart of a community. A messy kitchen reflects residents who don't take pride in their space. It's not all on you to keep it clean. Figure out why people don't care and address that.

  • Growing and cultivating community is a lot like gardening. You need to read the situation as it changes and adjust to suit the conditions. If you're not flexible you'll go insane. 

  • Community and business priorities shouldn't be at odds with each other. If they are, fix it. Focus on your people and what they value above all else. If you get that right, the rest will fall into place.” 


If you have joined CONNECT in the past and would like to be introduced to other members retrospectively; if you have something that others would benefit from knowing; or would like to ask a burning question: contact us and we will post about it on our social media!