National and International Leaders EXPLORE Quality Coworking

At our EXPLORE Quality Coworking learning event this month, we hosted a dozen coworking space leaders for two intensive days of brainstorming and connecting with each other, amplifying their enthusiasm and effectiveness as they progressed plans for their new coworking businesses.

This time around we welcomed attendees from Scotland, the UK and as far afield as Australia... all of whom were at different stages of developing their spaces (from those still in the planning stages to others who had spaces up and running for several months).

The event was such a success that we're already planning for another EXPLORE Quality Coworking event for the Autumn! More news to follow very soon: Check here for updated information! 

Supporting Scotland's First National Coworking Day

We were part of a day of Scotland's first National Coworking Day, with free coworking all over Scotland culminating in a celebratory event with talks, music and drinks where Claire gave a Q&A!

A great day was had by all, and we're already looking forward to next year's event.

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Last month, Claire flew overseas to attend and contribute to the annual Coworking Unconference Asia, this year held in Penang, Malaysia. Using the Coworking Canvas, she led a participatory workshop to identify key factors which will make or break your coworking business


The Introductions

Claire Carpenter 1.JPG

Amongst the 24-7 networking, learning and eating (Penang is famous for food!) Claire made time to lead an interactive workshop with over 40 practitioners from the coworking movement.

A coworking-business specific toolkit - the Coworking Canvas - was used to draw out and prioritise the experience and learning of both experts and newbies, as participants explored factors which would make or break a quality coworking business.

An group introduction allowed everyone to get to know each other and grasp the breadth and width of knowledge in the room. Participants could then identify who they could and should connect with, as the room was full of knowledge representing all stages of the coworking-business journey, from start-ups, experienced practitioners and researchers, to pioneers within the coworking movement. A great mix!


Participants were split into six groups so the real work began. Each group was set the task to collectively brainstorm the features that would make or break a coworking space based on the key elements of the Coworking Canvas. Needless to say - there was a lot of ideas as well as noise generated!


The Coworking Canvas

The Coworking Canvas has been specifically designed by the team behind the Coworking Accelerator Network to provide a simple framework for articulating and developing a quality coworking business. This framework is based on over a decade of personal practical experience, plus research with coworking leaders from around the world listening to their ideas, aspirations, hopes and fears for the movement and growing industry.

Through this, we conclude that good quality coworking businesses incorporate three core values:

Coworking Canvas
  1. Belonging
  2. Nurturing and
  3. Place-making

There are six essential elements of delivery to build a successful coworking business:

  1. Co-location
  2. Network
  3. Peer Support
  4. Learning
  5. Hosting and
  6. Space

The Coworking Canvas can be used in a variety of ways to help you construct and adapt all of the essential elements of your quality coworking business model. 


The Results

Each group arrived at a long list of make/break features for their allocated element of the Coworking Canvas. Out of these long-lists, a short list of 'top priorities' were generated:

make and break.PNG

With such breadth of knowledge in the room, it was no surprise that the discussion was lively and inspiring for all. Use this list to focus on your business - how well are you doing against the hit-list and action plan where could you do better?

Thank you to all who attended and hope to see you at CUAsia2019!


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