While you are busy developing your business, with Team we’ll be busy in the background taking care of your existing members by running your Platform for you: confirming room bookings, updating your portal, creating a welcoming space for your members to chat and much, much more.

Platform is the ideal tool to help run your business, and by adding Team you will have an expert workforce to get the best out of it, developing it effectively to suit your needs. With Team we can help you:

  • Develop your website by adding your logo, content and images to show off your new space;

  • Set up your tour and visitor systems so that you can set up your tour request form and keep track of guests in your space;

  • Create pipelines to track processes including sales, event management and on-boarding of new members, and set up automated messages and tasks for different stages;

  • Customise your on-boarding process for new members;

  • Integrate your access control so members have their own access to your coworking space;

  • Manage your members’ directory and your community board;

  • Keep abreast of problems in your space to solve them quickly and efficiently with our help;

  • Automate renewal reminders and invoices, saving you time and effort;

  • Set up and Manage your room(s) bookings;

  • Create events and sell tickets;

  • Update your members/subscribers through newsletters;

  • Report on payments, invoicing, space usage, bookings, members’ profiles and activity, and other operational areas.

£9999 ex VAT per calendar month with a minimum 6 month contract

With ACCELERATE Team, your membership management will be in our safe hands. We will become your virtual ‘front of house’, providing an excellent customer experience from the outset so you have a smooth journey into active membership. Your customers will discover it’s easy to track their time, adjust their price packages, be reminded of their remaining quota, and other handy features for a professional service.

Thanks to our years of experience, we will efficiently, proactively and effectively troubleshoot, as well as make suggestions for improving processes for your team and your customers. We can even help link your Platform to your social media for maximum public impact.

We offer a minimum 6 month contract to take this aspect of your business off your hands, and this can keep rolling while you deal with your day-to-day business: generate income, grow your brand, host your clients, make partnerships, and enjoy the fruits of your labour. When you are ready and want to take this in-house, we will convert your final month into our Support offering to ensure you are ready and able to move forward with confidence.