When we began developing ACCELERATE Platform in 2015, we chose to build on top of the best coworking management software platform we've ever worked with: Nexudus. This mature, award-winning management system is today trusted by over 1,500 organisations in more than 40 countries worldwide, including us. Using Nexudus means ACCELERATE Platform comes with many essential features built in: 

  • Membership management

  • Automatic invoicing and online payment processing

  • Meeting room and resource bookings

  • Check-in and access control for members and guests

  • Event creation and ticket sales

  • Contacts and leads management

  • Signing up and on-boarding new members

  • Visitor bookings and tours of your space

  • Newsletters and communications

  • Members' portal for discussions and knowledge-sharing

£199 ex VAT admin set-up cost with a monthly fee per active user


ACCELERATE Platform scales with your coworking business. Based on the number of active users per month, you can get started for an initial fee of £199 and don't incur any operating costs until your members start paying you.

Up to 5 members: £0 each (£0/month)

Up to 5 members: £0 each

10 members: £1.95 each (£19.50/month)

10 members: £1.95 each (£19.50/month)

40 members: £1.46 each  (£58.50/month)

40 members: £1.46 each

150 members: £1.17 each  (£175.50/month)

150 members: £1.17 each

Prices quoted are ex. VAT
Since 2007...

Since opening The Melting Pot in Scotland over 10 years ago, our team has nurtured over 1,000 members; and each year we service over 10,000 visitors attending events in our spaces. Our aim is to make it faster, safer and cheaper for you to develop your quality coworking business – and for you to succeed in building a viable business and vibrant community for the long-term.

members supported
visitors to events in our spaces
We look forward to helping you grow your own local, resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem... so that you too can enjoy the many rewards that operating a quality coworking business can provide to you, your team, your members, and your community.