Accelerate your progress from idea to reality. Revolutionising the experience of developing and sustaining a coworking space through turn-key business management services

ACCELERATE enables new coworking hubs to be easily activated and effectively managed while minimising your risk, effort and cost. Take advantage of many lessons learned over many years of pioneering quality coworking, at a fraction of the cost of doing everything from scratch yourself.

Let’s work together

Your name, your brand, your ownership, your space, your niche sector, and your vision... combined with a core team’s experience, effort, systems, processes and templates… and continual learning, improvements and innovation shared across the Coworking Accelerator Network.

Coming in 2017

All levels of ACCELERATE provide

  • Low cost, high value, low risk, high flexibility solutions – for setting up, running and growing your own community coworking space
  • A white-label service – give everything your own look and feel
  • Integration of learning and innovation – continual improvement from across the network as we all grow together

ACCELERATE ambitions

Why are we doing this? We’re responding to demand from all around the world.

We are developing a sustainable model that shares experience and genuinely helps everyone involved.

  • We believe in independence and interdependence, so this isn’t a franchise model under a common brand, it is a collective movement, which by joining together has greater influence on all its parts.
  • We want there to be many great quality, independent coworking spaces, rooted in their local community, making positive impacts locally, which builds impact nationally.
  • We want to make it easier (much easier) to set up and run quality coworking spaces, of any size, wherever there is demand.
  • We want to help small spaces be just as viable and vibrant as large spaces (our prices vary accordingly, depending on the scale of your space and ambitions, and they are all affordable)
  • We want to reduce the risk of failure, the burden of start-up and development costs, and the drag (and costs) of time vs. action vs. return on your investment.
  • We want to help you get stuck into recruiting and retaining business, building community, having influence (rather than getting stuck building and tweaking operating processes and systems).
  • We want to share our experience so that you have more fun, and less stress making it happen than we did.

ACCELERATE your progress from idea to reality

Get on with setting up and running your space efficiently

Build your community and capacity NOW