ACCELERATE - Coworking in a Box

Run your coworking space with less time, hassle, risk and cost

The ACCELERATE stage is designed specifically for emerging coworking businesses who have at the very least completed the business planning and feasibility stage and identified a building (if you haven't, please see our EXPLORE services).

You may, or may not, have opened and/or started building your community already – don't worry, ACCELERATE will help you grow your coworking business with less time, hassle, risk and cost.

Built on over ten years of hard-won experience, ACCELERATE provides you with the strategic and operational templates, guides and processes essential for efficiently starting and growing your coworking business.


Get your coworking business off to a flying start

Coworking in a Box contains decades' worth of expert knowledge, distilled into a comprehensive collection of guides, templates and examples. Over 300 pages long!


The [Coworking in a Box] handbook has been instrumental in helping us build our policies and foundation, and though it has taken us longer than expected to launch our Hub, we are confident that with the help of Coworking Accelerator we will launch on the right foot. It provides great comfort knowing we are not going at it alone and can learn from years of experience instead of blindly guessing what we should and shouldn't do.

- Emily Miller, The Good Hub