OCTOBER 29th & 30th

Two inspiring days to EXPLORE key insights and strategies for building your quality coworking business

"It was great to have like-minded people together who understand and value my sector and skills, since I'm otherwise quite isolated."

– Polly Robbins

"Packed full of useful information. Worth every penny!"

– Karen Bain

"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I now feel far more empowered to sell the concept."

– Bill Harvey

"If you are thinking about creating a 'true' coworking environment, go on this course."

– Ann-Marie Treacy

Spaces strictly limited to 12 organisations to ensure an engaging, productive learning experience for all attendees

Are you planning to, or have you recently launched, a quality coworking space? This event is for you!

  • Receive critical insights that will shape your business model and delivery, and inform success for your business and your community.
  • Learn from highly experienced, successful quality coworking space operators.
  • Work on your plans for developing your space alongside others on the same journey.

Join other leaders who are creating quality coworking businesses in their communities!

"Excellent and inspiring 2 days. Fantastic to have thinking and exploring time. Courageous, outstanding people. Thank you :)"

– Trish Thompson

"A very skilled and enjoyable workshop style. I feel empowered and energised. Thank you for your great work."

– Denis Ginnivan


EXPLORE Quality Coworking is for leaders and decision makers who are starting community-focused quality coworking spaces.

If you share our Quality Coworking Commitments and Core Values, this event is for you.

  1. Co-location of multiple businesses – sparking cross-pollination and new opportunities
  2. Multi-functional spaces – servicing practical, inspiring facilities which enable businesses and people to grow
  3. Personalised hosting – actively facilitating the community and creating social capital
  4. Expanded network – broadening coworkers' experiences, connections, and profile
  5. Peer support – deepening a constructive and collaborative culture 
  6. Learning experiences – building intellectual capital through professional and personal development


People unleash their potential and become resilient when they develop a true sense of belonging.


People and businesses grow and endure when talent, relationships and opportunities are nurtured.


Communities thrive when people, spaces and places create a joined-up ecosystem.


A participative and energising training experience over two days, you will EXPLORE the key elements that will make your quality coworking business a success for you and your community.

Through focused inputs and in-depth discussions, you will create a workable plan to develop your space and figure out what will make it great, or even greater.

You will use the Coworking Canvas to:

  • Draw on the experience of experts and peers to develop your ideas for your business model
  • Work out your "value enablers" and "value creators" of quality coworking, as they relate to your business model and community
  • Create a workable plan for growing and operating a sustainable space
  • Connect with your values, principles and purpose
  • Map your potential impact and learn how to track it
This was a great, varied learning experience for someone who hasn't done any "learning" in 20 years! I really enjoyed all the session types as well as having the freedom/space/time to add any learning to my own personal canvas.

– Mark van Keulen

"Invaluable ... [the Coworking Canvas] clearly enhanced our understanding and clarified what we already had in the bag, had already planned for, and what we hadn't given any or sufficient thought to."

– Crick Carleton


Monday 29 Oct, 2018
9:30am arrival – 4:30pm close (followed by informal drinks)
Tuesday 30 Oct, 2018
9:00am arrival – 5:00pm close



Spaces strictly limited to 12 organisations to ensure an engaging, productive learning experience for all attendees

£200 (single attendee) or £350 for two attendees

Prices are ex. VAT, and capped at a maximum of 2 attendees per organisation


The Melting Pot

Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation

One of the world's first coworking spaces (est. 2007)

In the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland


Claire Carpenter circle.png

Claire Carpenter, Founder and CEO, The Melting Pot

Claire began work on The Melting Pot in 2005 to address issues faced by social innovators and the organisations they develop in their route to make social change. The space opened in 2007. 

Claire continues to lead the development of The Melting Pot – exploring routes to stimulate and support social innovation through spaces, resources and relationships. Her expertise is in personal, organisational and community development – including building a social enterprise from scratch.

Sam Baumber casual circ.png

Sam Baumber, Social Entrepreneur

Sam has 20 years’ experience in starting and growing social enterprises and charitable organisations. He is a co-founder of five social enterprises and enjoys using his energy to create new opportunities, experiment and turn ideas into reality. 

As a social entrepreneur, Sam was one of the first tutors recruited to facilitate learning programmes as part of the Social Enterprise Academy, and is currently leading the Academy’s international replication.

David Stroud circle.png

David Stroud, Head of Acceleration @ The Melting Pot / The Coworking Accelerator Network

David set up and ran his own coworking business in 2013 before joining the team at The Melting Pot and leading the development of the Coworking Accelerator Network.

With a background in business development, systems, design, marketing and communications, he is passionate about promoting and supporting the coworking community – and coworking leaders – globally.

Samantha Hulls circle.png

Samantha Hulls, Head of Collaboration @ The Melting Pot

Sam oversees the daily operations of The Melting Pot's coworking space, responsible for hosting, marketing, communications and social media.

Sam’s skills include event coordination, government policy and commercial law litigation.

Brilliant. Open, informative, supportive, 'can do', lots of added value learning from each other. Thank you all for sharing so much experience and learning.

–Jess Pepper

"Packed full of useful information. Worth every penny!"

– Karen Bain